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Firstly I must apologise for the lack of interaction on this ‘post page’!!  Really I have no creditable excuse  other than the fact that we have been distracted with various jobs in the dairy other that cheese making and putting posts on the website kept being pushed to the bottom of the pile!!

Anyway… here we are in 2015!!!  The new seasons sheep milk is flowing in thick and fast (and white!!)   so lots of Fosse Way Fleece being made.

As all you fans of ‘Pendragon’ know,  we lost our supply of buffalo milk at the beginning of 2014 and have had great problems finding another source.  We’d had enough stock to keep going until September but now we have no Pendragon at all.

 Good news!  we think we’ve found another supplier in Wales,  they are currently increasing their herd size and fingers crossed there will be milk available in April…Yippee!!   There will of course be a period of maturation so we’re anticipating pendragon being available again around August/September time.

We’ll keep you informed!

My son went to the cheese festival at Sturminster Newton on Saturday and bought a piece of Rainbows Gold cheese, it is fantastic!! What a flavour, that is serious cheese.
We live in Blandford Forum and wondered if there is an outlet somewhere in our area. We have a Waitrose 14 miles away or a deli in Sturminster..
That is how cheese should taste. Not the tasteless blocks that fill our supermarket shelves. Well done!!!!
Yours sincerely Kath Taylor

Kath Taylor. Sturminster Newton Cheese market customer