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Outlets & markets

Markets and Retail Outlets where you can buy Cheese from the Somerset Cheese Company + Free Tastings!

Available from good Delis, Cheese shops and Farm shops throughout the Southwest and Specialist Wholesalers.

Also available at Somerset farmers markets:

Axbridge – 1st Saturday of every month

Midsomer Norton – 1st Saturday of every month

Keynsham – 2nd Saturday of every month

Nailsea – 3rd Saturday of every month

Also available at London farmers markets:

Chiswick Cheese Market – 3rd Sunday of every month

We are regular attendees at the following annual events:

Sturminster Cheese Festival

Frome Cheese Show

Wells Food Festival

Bridgwater Food Festival

North Somerset Show

For 20 years ‘Somerset Farmers Markets Ltd’ have been organising Farmers Markets at a variety of diverse and attractive market locations around the county and beyond!

By choosing to buy cheese from the Somerset Cheese Company, you are also making a positive difference to the local economy and helping to guarantee the future of the farming industry. The Somerset Farmers Markets are run as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, so you can be confident that all profits are re-invested for the future sustainability of the farmers markets.

See Somerset farmers market website for details

“Somerset Cheese Company make a fantastic range of cheeses which are a really important part of our business. Philip and Anita are really skilled cheesemakers creating wonderful flavours from sheep, goat, cow and buffalo milk. Their cheeses all have different characteristics but what they do have in common is good clean individual flavours that once tasted you will want to return to again and again.”

Country Cheeses