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Somerset Cheese Company

Artisan cheesemakers who specialise in adapting traditional style recipes to produce characterful cheeses from sheep, goat, buffalo and cows milk.

An assortment of cheeses from the Somerset Cheese Company

Award winning, delicious handmade hard and semi-hard cheeses from the Somerset Cheese Company

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Sheep, Goat, Buffalo and Cow's cheese

The Somerset Cheese Company makes a range of hard and semi hard cheeses from all types of milk, including sheep, goat, buffalo and cow’s, including Channel Island milk.

Most of our cheeses are mould ripened in the traditional farmhouse way, whilst Rainbows Gold is wash-rinded. This means that the cheeses are wiped in a solution of ‘Golden Chalice’ ale and a ripening bacteria. This produces a distinctive golden rind which is pungent and sticky.

Other cheeses are sent to a professional smokery for gentle, cold oak smoking.

You can be sure that all our cheeses are made with strict attention to detail and due diligence, and also, all are made using vegetarian rennet.

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We provide cheese for:

  • Wholesale
  • Restaurants and Delicatessens
  • Farmers Markets
  • Contract Making
  • Individuals

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“Somerset Cheese Company make a fantastic range of cheeses which are a really important part of our business. Philip and Anita are really skilled cheesemakers creating wonderful flavours from sheep, goat, cow and buffalo milk. Their cheeses all have different characteristics but what they do have in common is good clean individual flavours that once tasted you will want to return to again and again.”

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Key Facts

Local Cheesemakers

We have over 80 years combined experience in the craft of cheese making

Delivered Nationwide

We deliver our award winning handmade cheeses all over the UK

Made in Somerset

Based in beautiful Somerset, not far from the famous Bath and West Showground