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Tomorrow see’s the 4th Annual Cheese Festival at Beaconsfield.  This is a great opportunity to meet the cheese makers and chat about….. well… cheese of course!

Phil will be there selling our cheeses, it’s a long way from home for him but It’s his turn to go!

There will be lots of stalls there selling many different types of cheese so go along and enjoy!!

The Cheese Shed started in 2006 and we quickly became aware of the Somerset Cheese Company. Their wonderful Fosseway Fleece ewes’ milk cheese became a staple of ours and has been ever since: we often recommend it and our customers are never disappointed! Over time we’ve got to know their other cheeses and now stock most of them. In every case the cheeses are distinctive and really high quality.

Pennard Vale deserves its awards, the buffalo milk cheeses are quite simply unique and even their cheddar, Six Spires, manages to stick out from the crowd. At The Cheese Shed we aim to support the best of small-scale Westcountry artisan cheese making, where quality and character come first: Anita & Phil’s dairy is the perfect example of the sort of thing we’re looking for.”


Ian Wellens. Owner. The Cheese Shed