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Pennard Red Goats Cheese


Postage: £6.30 (+ VAT) per order


Pennard Red goats cheese has a smooth, close texture with the traditional golden appearance of Red Leicester. The flavour of the goats cheese is full, being initially sweet and nutty with a slight sharp edge to finish.

Pennard Red goats cheese takes its name to link with the other goats milk cheeses produced at the dairy.

Hard Cheese
Goat’s Milk

“The smooth texture and nutty taste of Fosse Way Fleece made it a favourite with our customers immediately, and the crumbly, mellow qualities of Pennard Ridge soon ensured it was on the cheese board of some of the finest restaurants in London. The cheeses can also be found in our range of Celebration Cheese Cakes and Cut Cheese Collections where they represent the taste and quality that is expected from Paxton & Whitfield.”

Laura Fairweather, Cheese Quality Manager, Paxton & Whitfield