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Oak Smoked Pendragon Buffalo Cheese


Postage: £6.30 (+ VAT) per order


Oak Smoked Pendragon buffalo cheese has a beautiful buttery, creamy texture that just melts in the mouth. The buffalo cheese absorbs the smokey flavour wonderfully and really compliments it’s rich creaminess. A local, professional smokehouse is used to lightly oak smoke the Pendragon buffalo cheese.

Hard Cheese
Buffalo’s Milk

“We use Somerset cheese company because their range of cheese’s are fantastic. Using local sourced and based ingredients and products is really important and is our main ethos so having such a wonderful company local to us is brilliant.
Our customers love our cheese boards and always comment on what excellent cheeses we have. They’re not your average cheeses but something a bit special. We would highly recommend to anyone!”

Andre Shortouse. Owner. The Swan, Wedmore