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Pennard Vale Goats Cheese


Postage: £6.30 (+ VAT) per order


Pennard Vale goats cheese is a firm, pale coloured cheese that has a close, smooth, creamy texture. The goats cheese has plenty of flavour, being initially nutty, with a fruity, slightly sweet edge.

Pennard Vale goats cheese takes its geographical name to link with the other popular goats milk cheese that is produced at the dairy.

Also available lightly Oak smoked.

Hard Cheese
Goat’s Milk

“Somerset Cheese Company make a fantastic range of cheeses which are a really important part of our business. Philip and Anita are really skilled cheesemakers creating wonderful flavours from sheep, goat, cow and buffalo milk. Their cheeses all have different characteristics but what they do have in common is good clean individual flavours that once tasted you will want to return to again and again.”

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