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Guinevere Buffalo Cheese


Postage: £6.30 (+ VAT) per order


Guinevere Buffalo Cheese is made with the same rich and creamy buffalo milk as our Pendragon Buffalo Cheese.

Being around 3 to 4 months old Guinevere develops a well rounded, nutty flavour with a close, dense texture that is milder and less lactic than Pendragon. Tasty, but easy on the palate.

The name Guinevere partners Pendragon perfectly from the legends that surround Glastonbury.

Hard Cheese
Buffalo’s Milk

My son went to the cheese festival at Sturminster Newton on Saturday and bought a piece of Rainbows Gold cheese, it is fantastic!! What a flavour, that is serious cheese.
We live in Blandford Forum and wondered if there is an outlet somewhere in our area. We have a Waitrose 14 miles away or a deli in Sturminster..
That is how cheese should taste. Not the tasteless blocks that fill our supermarket shelves. Well done!!!!
Yours sincerely Kath Taylor

Kath Taylor. Sturminster Newton Cheese market customer