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Guinevere Buffalo Cheese


Postage: £6.30 (+ VAT) per order


Guinevere Buffalo Cheese is made with the same rich and creamy buffalo milk as our Pendragon Buffalo Cheese.

Being around 3 to 4 months old Guinevere develops a well rounded, nutty flavour with a close, dense texture that is milder and less lactic than Pendragon. Tasty, but easy on the palate.

The name Guinevere partners Pendragon perfectly from the legends that surround Glastonbury.

Hard Cheese
Buffalo’s Milk

The cheeses from Somerset Cheese Company are firm favourites with our customers, the different varieties of milk used to make the cheeses is a big factor in this with each type having its own distinctive flavour.  My personal favourite is Rainbows Gold with its rich curd and sticky pungent rind, it is quite different from any other local cheese and a great addition to the range!

As well as consistently making fantastic tasting cheese, Phillip and Anita have been lovely people to work with, over the years they have given a novice deli owner invaluable help with great advice based on their wealth of knowledge and lots of support with numerous tasting events both in the deli and out at festivals.

Dan Holland. Owner. Queen Street Deli, Wells